Slow Roll Twin Cities

Join us for fun, judgement-free bike rides
each Thursday to celebrate the Twin Cities!

Founded in Detroit in 2010, Slow Roll is a fun, safe, and inclusive bike ride for people of all ages and skill levels. The goal of Slow Roll Twin Cities is to highlight the amazing cities in which we live and to bring our community together for a weekly community ride. Everyone is welcome at Slow Roll, and we take it slow so that there’s never any pressure to keep up and there’s plenty of time to meet other riders and see our cities.

People of all ages and skill levels are welcome!

So grab your bike and come out for a slow ride with us as we
celebrate everything that makes the Twin Cities a great place to live!

Thank you so much for participating in Slow Roll 2016 Twin Cities!

We really hope you enjoyed the season and would like
your feedback about what you’d like to see for Slow Roll 2017.

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If you have any further question, ideas, or comments please feel free to email
Cycles for Change – Slow Roll Saint Paul organizer Skye Vang (